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POS Marketing

We develop POS campaigns and realise them from the first idea to the delivery of display material to the trading partners. Due to our decades of experience in the printing industry, our concepts are not only creative, but also realisable. 



Project management

At the beginning of every promotion, we develop a project plan with all involved departments of our client. How long does it take to send everything to the trade partners? How long does it take to assemble the material? How long is the production process for every single article? When do the print files have to be ready? When do we have to start with the first layouts?

Development of advertising material

We develop advertising material, which meets the space requirements of the trade and the cost requirements of our clients. The ideas are visualised and rendered in original size. After the first presentation and adjustment of our concept, we specify the quality of the promotion items regarding material, colours and printing method and contact the production partners, which are capable to produce the advertisting material in the respective print run.

Procurement and quality management

We order samples of the advertising material and examine them regarding construction, quality and colourfastness. On behalf of the client, we negotiate with the production partners and place orders there. We provide suppliers with print files and proofs, give the final print approvals and ensure the punctual delivery to the trading partners.