Responsible actions

In the last couple of years, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have become some of the most important topics in politics and society. As entrepreneurs, we prefer acting over discussing and pragmatism over utopia. When we moved to our new offices in 2018, we used this transfer to assess our current supply chain and to make major steps towards a climate neutral company.   

Our actions

When we moved to our new offices, the White House in Velbert-Langenberg, we switched many processes towards more sustainability. 

Reducing our carbon footprint

As we provide intellectual services, our main drivers of greenhouse gas emissions occur from electricity, heating and transportation. In all three areas, we have taken major steps and work carbon neutral in electricity and heating.  




When we moved to our new offices, we switched to a new electricity provider. We chose our local utility company, called Stadtwerke Velbert. They offer electricity from 100% renewable ressources. Find more information here

A nice side effect of our move to our new offices is that the new building is more efficient. Moreover, we switch to newer and less electricity consuming technologies continiously. Thus, we achieved a 35% reduction compared to 2016.  

Reduction of electricity consumption
since 2016





Our new offices have a “normal” gas heater, so our heating is from fossil ressources. We switch to SAUBER GAS. It compensates the emissions 100% and plants new trees.  

Enabling green mobility

Our newest company car is a Hyundai Ioniq, as a Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle. In our opinion, a PHEV is currently a good and pragmatic solution to make business trips greener. Most of the journeys are below 60 kilometers that can be driven with electricity. For longer trips, the Ioniq works just like a “normal” Hybrid. 

Many colleagues today use public transportation. We have to admit that this is pretty comfortable as our offices are only one minute by feet away from the train station. So taking the train is often even faster for some of our employees than using their cars. 

Other environmental actions

Apart from reducing emissions, we also take other environmental actions: ecological production, increasing Bio diversity, reducing garbage and using our hardware efficiently. 

Ecological production

Image by Michael Gaida

As a production agency, we often help our customers to print materials or to source other equipment. Together with our clients, we developed standards that we use for the vast majority of our productions today:

  • Our printing processes and materials are FSC-certified or produced n a similar standard. 
  • Our textiles are produced in Ökotex standard or have comparable quality. 
  • Foils are produced mostly PVC-free. We try to take alternative material, whenever possible. 

Bio diversity

Together with our new offices, we acquired some land and built a huge garden. We explicitly put bee-friendly plants in our garden, in total 41 different plants. Our garden is watered by a cistern that catches rain water – especially important during the latest dry summers. On our property, there is also a wooded site that is home to diverse plants and animals. 

Garbage reduction

Reduction of garbage
since 2016


When we moved to Langenberg, we decided to print less and to digitalize many processes. This is why we have much less paper waste than in Essen. After we decluttered our old offices in Essen, we decided to have a rather minimalistic interior design and to avoid created as much garbage as possible. Today, we have already decreased waste by 38% and are committed to do more.

Reusing, Reselling and Recylcling

Having the newest hardware is crucial for our success, but it also create a carbon foot print. In order to minimize it, our hardware is used multiple times. First, the newest hardware is used for rendering, CGI and other energy intensive operations. After a couple of years, the hardware is not strong enough anymore to serve the most sophisticated requests. Then, these hardware is passed to other colleagues, because they are still fine to create the “normal” artworks for a couple of years. After that, the hardware is used for office applications and other administrative work. Finally, the work hardware is sold to private users, given away for free or taken to the recycling centre.

Health and Safety for our employees

Our employees are our most success factor. So we try our best to create a healthy and safe work environment for our team. 

Flexible schedules and home office

Image by Markus Spiske

We offer flexible schedules. Our work allows it most often to do it 30 minutes earlier or later, so we don’t have a fixed starting time in our company. So we don’t have to start the day stressed in order to be exactly on time. 

Even before Covid 19, we made home office possible for certain times and projects. 

Healthy nutrition

Every week, we buy fresh and seasonal fruit. We offer that to our colleagues for free in order to support their healthy nutrition.

In-house fitness

In our offices, we offer an in-house fitness studio. In there, our team members can train their strength, flexibility and stamina. We have cardio machines, free weights and other gym equipment to have a balanced workout. 


In case of emergency, we are prepared. In the latest first aid course, 30% of our employees became first-aiders, so this number is much higher then the 10% of first-aiders that the regulation requires. Moreover, we train our team regularly how to react in fires and other emergencies and how to assure the best data protection. 

Image by Pixabay

Education and lifelong learning

The advertising industry is one of the fastest changing. Learning new skills and technologies is absolutely important for our future business success. We are taking two actions here: offering apprenticeships and offering lifelong education.

Offering apprenticeships – since 1965

In our company history, we have always offer apprenticeships to young people. We are still doing that today and are willing to do this in the future. Many of our current employees are former apprentices. 

Lifelong learning

During our company history, there have been massive shifts in technology. As an organization, we have always needed to offer time and resources to learn new skills. In the future, former divided workflows will converge and probably merge one day. We tell our young people that learning has not ended after their apprenticeship examination, but that a journey of lifelong learning has just begun. In general, we offer time slots or autodidactic training to our employees, but also hire experts that are giving in-house trainings.